The Object: Clarity, Impact, Affordability


Three Solid Reasons
Savvy Businesses Hire Professional Business Writers


1.       Clarity = effective business communication. It's a strong foundation for business success. Skilled writing is key to clarity and effective business communication. Let's be honest though, while most business owners and executives can write, few are expert business writers.     

Conveying substance effectively requires clarity. Your business, its identity and reputation, depend on its written appearance—quality writing instills confidence in your customers, partners, and other readers. This in turn generates trust, loyalty, and profits. 

The right words can be the difference between a powerful impact and, well, nothing. History shows that high-caliber writing is as important to success as any other service, marketing, or positioning effort. Moreover, the quality and substance of your writing is essential to avoiding mistakes, confusion, and conflict—and their costs.

       Time.   Your most important business function is communicating well.  But who has the time? 

Much written business communication is poorly executed, because writing well requires time and focus, luxuries most businesses no longer have.  

Solution — when you must write clearly and effectively our professional hand eases the burden and saves your valuable time and resources, while creating highly effective writing. 

         Style.  We use a friendly, clear, competent writing style that lends authority to your message, and lets your readers readily understand it. 

We don’t waste space with fluff or pretense; and are known to break out in hives reading business prose that is uninteresting or repetitive, or attempts to impress by being unnecessarily complicated, condescending, pretentious or fatuous.


Since writing is our business, our success depends upon your satisfaction. It’s that simple. You can count on us to complete your assignment on a reasonable schedule, with regular communication to keep you informed. We’re always reachable for clients.

Wise Management Practice

Even the eminent management guru Peter F. Drucker foresaw and predicted the massive shift to outsourcing professional services—a Network Society in which those working for organizations are not employees, but outside contractors with professional specialties. That shift is now well underway and Probizwriters is part of it. In Drucker's words, companies are now routinely "turning over entire activities to independent firms that specialize in that kind of work."1 

Part of the reason companies do this is to keep pace with a suddenly much broader marketplace, where access and scrutiny are worldwide, not just local. "Strategy has to accept a new fundamental. Any institution—and not just businesses—has to measure itself against the standards set by each industry's leaders anyplace in the world." [emphasis added]2 So, the pressure to measure up is higher now than ever before. You're no longer competing with those in your local realm, but with others all over the planet your customers have access to. The need for a highly polished identity and presentation is clear—now it must be compared against global competitors. Invest in your e-presence.

Your Productivity

It's about your productivity. Senior management is very focused on the big things, on the company's core competencies; so they're not too interested in matters of administrative practice like business writing. Nor are they typically tuned in to their internal efficiencies at handling such tasks. As a consequence they're not experts at writing or managing it productively. Yet this type of work—business writing—is essential to every successful organization. When managing these tasks, they should be managed with productivity in mind.

To maximize the productivity of this part of an organization's work it is being outsourced to firms who are effective at making such work highly productive. I.e., companies whose core competency, product, and service are business writing and all related support activities.

People make decisions based on the information they have, or don't have. Our job is to enable you to deliver decision-critical information to your audience effectively. Without useful, relevant information, or enough information, poor decisions are made. (Imagine voting, for example.) Probizwriters helps you discern what information ought to be delivered, and charts a course for identifying, gathering, compiling, and presenting your knowledge and material in a manner that fosters informed decisions by those you seek to persuade or educate.

Doing More With Less—Affordability

As corporate America does more with less, downsizing and outsourcing are becoming standard operating procedure. It's sensible because it requires fewer people and resources—smaller budgets. With today's communication technology it's feasible to reduce creative, marketing and communication departments. Consequently, many organizations rely on freelance commercial writing to accomplish these tasks—and for good reason.

With freelance outsourcing businesses pay only for the business writing they need and only when they need it. Salaries, vacations, HR issues are gone. An added benefit is the fresh "outsider" perspective a good freelancer provides. For the outsourcing manager, it's just a matter of harnessing the strengths of writing freelancers suited to the projects at hand. And we're not hard to find.

For smaller companies without either creative departments or high-priced agencies, the competitive environment still requires that their business communication be top-of-the-line. Freelance business writers offer affordable—and sensible—solutions and opportunities.


1 Managing in a Time of Great Change, Peter F. Drucker.

2 Management Challenges for the 21st Century, Peter F. Drucker

Writing Poorly or Insufficiently Has Consequences

We Lost the Deal

"We didn't get the deal."  "The investor walked away—no explanation."  "We need more information, you're not ready yet." "The banker wasn't willing to take us to the next level."  “This isn’t in the format we require.”

We've all heard similar comments following an attempt to secure an opportunity and move the business forward. When opportunities are lost, disappointment follows, and we often attribute the failure to the other party. In many cases, however, while you the businessperson may understand your proposal, you have not recognized or understood the reader's perspective and limitations, what the reader needs to see to make a decision, or what the reader's decision environment is. 

This failure to "connect" with the reader causes the loss. Persuasion begins with understanding the reader, what prompts the reader to the action you seek, and how the reader's decisions are made.

Why give the lawyers any more to do?

Many lawyers we know have haplessly made handsome fortunes off the backs of companies whose documents or publications were substandard, where errors or oversights opened a window to liability.

When representing clients in court we realized that if one or both of the parties had been prudent enough to produce competent, clear, unambiguous documents, we wouldn't need to discuss or argue over who meant what, or who had what rights, nor would we need to waste otherwise productive time and energy (for at least 2 lawyers, 2 parties and 1 judge) debating what the author meant with a particular paragraph or why an important concept or fact was omitted. 

The lawyers get richer, businesses pay, and public resources are wasted. A judge's time is valuable, so is yours. So why waste that time arguing issues that could have been eliminated through competent writing in the first place?

Take it from former conflict resolution specialists, if your written communication is not understood by your audience as you understand it, you are sowing seeds of conflict—and conflict usually leads to a monumental waste of your time and resources. Skilled writing enables you to avoid these troubles and costs.

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