Editing Rates and Process
Freelance Editing Services — Critical to Persuasion ... Critical to Quality Business Writing

Skilled editing can dramatically improve any document’s presentation.  Compelling arguments and brilliant ideas aren’t worth much if they’re not getting through to your readers, obscured by poor structure or illogical flow.

Our Editing Process and Rates

Here’s how it works: when you send your content to Probizwriters, we examine it and issue a price quote. We quote by the hour, word, page, or project—your choice. The quote includes standard editing: checking and correcting the grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency and textual structure. All quotes are non-binding and subject to revision based on the actual work process required.

All information or material you submit to Probizwriters (including contact information) is held in strict confidence under our Terms of Use agreement.

Document Formats

We accept documents in Microsoft Word or Acrobat .pdf formats. Edited documents are returned in Word format, unless the .pdf format is requested. All changes, additions, and comments are redlined (tracked) for your review and approval. You’ll receive two versions of the document—one in redline, the other "clean" with all changes accepted (so you can see how the document appears free of redlining).

Editing Rates

Services are initially quoted based on an hourly rate according to the type of service requested and the estimated hours required. We will accommodate clients who prefer a flat project fee or use per word/page rates. We also offer discounts for ongoing projects.

  • Proofreading: $39/hour (8 - 10 pages/hour)
  • Copyediting: $67 - $95 / hour (2 - 5 pages/hour). Rate depends on nature and complexity of material.
  • Substantive Content Editing: $135/hour
    (these rates are approximations)

Copyediting your text includes checking and correcting grammar errors, correcting all spelling errors, correcting all punctuation errors, ensuring a consistent style and well-organized textual structure free of unnecessary words. Copyediting does not include writing development (apart from ensuring consistent structure and clarity), rewriting, ghostwriting, or text critique or evaluation.

Payment Information

We use, a secure online payment service that accepts debit, credit, or PayPal payments. After accepting our quote, we’ll send you a PayPal invoice by email. For first-time projects under $400, payment is accepted in advance to secure the engagement place the project in the queue. For established customers and projects over $400 payment is accepted 50% in advance and 50% on return of edited documents.

Express Service

Although we prefer advance notice, we can often edit your document in less than 24 hours. Doing so requires our express service and is charged at a higher rate. If you’re under a tight deadline, we will do our best to help.

Business Hours

We are available Monday - Friday 8AM - 6PM EST and Saturday 10AM - 2PM EST.

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