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Thanks for your interest in Probizwriters' professional business-writing services. We're happy to provide information you need to get your writing, editing, or research project underway. With a basic project description, we can offer a general idea of our likely writing or service fees. Please complete the form below, provide as much information as you can—then "submit." We'll get back to you quickly, usually within 24 hours or by the next business day.

Our professional business writers can help with all business documents, and any size project, from one-page letters to hundred-plus-page websites and 500-page books.

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A simple five-minute call is all we'll need to understand your situation and explain how PBW can help you meet your business-writing goals. Call from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST.


The best way to reach out is by email — we respond fast, always within 24 hours!

Freelance Writing Rates

All projects are custom quoted—general prices can be provided on request for general reference.

To avoid surprises, we estimate projects before starting, and usually on a cost-per-project or flat-rate basis. We respect our clients' needs and negotiate fees (within reason) depending on circumstances. We understand bottom lines and try to balance that with our value proposition, and our ability to complete your project properly and on schedule. We deliver the results you seek.

While our writing rates typically average between $90.00 and $280.00 per page, depending on the factors mentioned on our FAQ page, we can work on an introductory hourly basis to accommodate new customers or those with a particular need. Freelance writing and editing rates vary with client preparation level, and the research, reading, and communication involved. Per-page rates are generally lower on larger projects. We can invoice you by the page, the project, or the hour.

To simplify the payment process we can quickly issue invoices directly to you via PayPal. To make a payment now and secure a Probizwriters, LLC quotation or pay an invoice already received, simply click on the "PayPal Payments" button below and follow the instructions.

Writing-Project Fees Include:

  •   Review of available background and supporting materials.
  •   Suggestions, ideas, concepts, and approaches (where applicable).
  •   General research and interviews required. (If extensive research or data gathering is needed, it may be quoted separately.)
  •   All copywriting and editing, outlines, first, second and final drafts (we submit drafts to you), and two revisions (from you to us).
  •   All minor expenses (postage, courier, long distance phone calls, etc.).

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