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    Business Writing Articles

    David Speaker is a professional business writer and document expert, and Probizwriters' editor-in-chief. This page is a compilation of helpful articles on business writing that David recommends to all aspiring business writers, especially business professionals looking for tools to improve their own writing.

    Writing Style Articles:

    If you want to improve your business writing, we recommend these articles:

    Hyphenating Phrasal Adjectives—Business Writers' Blog.
    This article is a succinct "how-to" guide detailing the how and why of using hyphens in compound adjectives, and the various key exceptions to the general rule. The article allows any business writer to get this sometimes-vexing style issue right all the time.

    Punctuation of Bullet Lists—Business Writers' Blog.
    This article allows any writer to properly punctuate bullet lists, which is good since very few business writers have a clue about this mundane but important style issue, much less consistently get it right. With examples to help you see, the article will definitely improve your writing reputation.

    Is Bad Grammar Hurting Your Business?—Business Writers' Blog.
    Employees and associates with subpar grammar skills are bad for business and for the bottom line. This article explains the nature of this pervasive problem and what to watch out for.—Plain-English-Writing-Rules.
    This page is a great compilation on Plain English writing concepts and ideas that well illustrates the importance of plain English as writing discipline.

    Articles on Content Development:

    Today people of all strips are offering insightful ideas about online content development,its value to business enterprises, and how to best accomplish content-development objectives. Here are some instructive articles on content management:

    A Strong Business Writing Culture is Good for Success—Business Writers' Blog.
    Quality business writing, and a supportive business writing culture, are essential to business success. Yet, few business leaders pay attention to their company's business-writing culture. And it shows.

    Simple Process Pointers for Struggling Business Writers—Business Writers' Blog.
    Many smart, experienced people don't think they can write and struggle when they try. But getting started on, and finishing, a business-writing project can be reduced it to a few understandable and easy-to-remember essentials.

    Business Writing Process — Brilliance or Hard Slog?—Business Writers' Blog.
    Occasionally business writers get it all down in just the right way in a flurry of inspiration. But for most of us writing usually doesn't happen like that. In fact, the process is commonly a regularly interrupted slog, and requires much rewriting and dedication.

    "Why Content Marketing is King"

    Business Planning Articles:

    Stone Business Magazine published Part I of this informative article, written by professional business plan writer David Speaker. It addresses why business plans are important, how to get started, and why writing a good plan can improve your bottom line. Stone Business Magazine is a premier industry trade magazine for the natural stone and stone fabrication industries.

    Stone Business Magazine published Part II of this business planning article.  

    In Part II, we review:

    — the tools you need for conducting your market analysis;

    — how to gather statistics;

    — the essentials of financial information and basics of presentation; and

    — how to shop your plan and find the right audience.

    Articles on Writing White Papers:

    To learn more about how to write white papers for your business, and their value to your organization, we recommend these helpful articles:

    How to Write a White Paper — A White Paper on White Papers — This essay by Michael Stelzner explains the successful elements of white paper writing, like outlining a problem, evaluating the problem's history, offering generic solutions and the benefits of each, and then finally introducing the unique product or idea that will solve the problem.

    White Paper Basics: The Dos, Don'ts, Whys, Whats and Hows of White Papers — This Canright Marketing Report provides much useful detail on the essentials of writing white papers that educate, persuade and ultimately close sales. An engaging read for anyone undertaking the white-paper writing process.

    Articles on Writing Case Studies:

    To learn more about how to develop and write case studies for your business, and their value to your organization, we recommend these helpful articles:

    "How to promote your business by writing a killer case study."

    "Why Content Marketing is King"

    "How to Write a Great Business Case Study"

    "Tips for Writing Business Case Studies"

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    Articles on Business Blog Writing:

    To learn more about how to develop an effective Blog for your business, and its value to your organization, we recommend these helpful articles:

    Business Blogging Ebooks and Templates by Hubspot — Hubspot provides a number of high-value information pieces devoted to enabling business leaders to develop effective business blogs (especially when combined with freelance professional business writers).

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    Articles on Producing eBooks:

    To learn more about how to develop an effective eBook for your business, and its value to your organization, we recommend these helpful resources:

    The Ultimate Guide to Publishing Your eBook on Amazon's Kindle Platform — Copyblogger

    How to Write a High-Quality eBook in 30 Days — Copyblogger

    11 Essential Elements of a Well-Designed Marketing Ebook — Hubspot

    Articles on Legal Writing:

    There are many, many resources out there aimed at helping lawyers improve their legal writing. Some of the articles and blogs we find instructive include:

    Lawprose Blog — Daily tips and lessons from lawyer and lexicographer, Bryan Garner, author of many books about English usage and style, including Garner's Modern American Usage and Elements of Legal Style. He is the editor-in-chief of Black's Law Dictionary.

    Typography for Lawyers — Matthew Butterick

    target the (new) legal writer— A collection of resources for lawyers and other writers.

    Adams on Contract Drafting — Blog

    Recommended Resources on Effective Legal Writing

    California Style Manual, 4th Edition

    The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, 21st Edition

    The Redbook: A Manual on Legal Style, 3d (Garner)

    A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting Fourth Edition (Adams)

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