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    Common Questions and Answers About Probizwriters

    We enjoy working with our clients and welcome your questions. Below are some that others have asked on the mechanics of how we serve your business-writing needs.

    How do you charge?  What is my cost?

    Every project is unique, so pricing varies, which is why we urge you to request a free quote today.  Project fees depend on your purpose and urgency, the project’s importance, its complexity, the audience, research necessary, time available, etc.  We typically quote by the project, but if you require ongoing services under an extended engagement, we can arrange fees by the hour or page, or by retainer.

    After reviewing your project description we will submit a fee quotation by email.  Writing fees range from $120.00 – $300.00 per page. Editing fees range from $17 – $50 per page. While a page is typically 370 words, all pages aren’t created equal.  Sometimes low-page-count projects require the most work.  The larger the project, the more likely it is the per-page cost declines, and the easier it is to establish a per-page or hourly rate.  This fee range is an approximation to give you a general understanding. Your fees could be different.

    Regardless of project size, pricing is commensurate with value.  I.e., we'll deliver a good bang for your buck.

    For writing projects, quoted fees include:

    • Review of your working drafts and available background and supporting materials.
    • Our submission of questions to you.
    • Suggestions, ideas, concepts, and approaches (where applicable).
    • General research and interviews required.   (If extensive research or data gathering is called for, those tasks may be quoted separately.)
    • All copywriting and editing work, including outlines, first, second and final drafts (drafts are what we submit to you), and two revisions (revisions are what you submit to us).
    • Review of document for logical organization and consistent formatting.
    • Render the material highly user friendly and easy to understand, and ensure that the document speaks one voice in plain English, expertly edited.
    • All minor expenses (postage, courier, long distance phone calls, etc.).

    How do I pay you?

    We accept payment (by any debit or credit card) via PayPal, or overnight check.  After accepting our emailed service agreement and/or invoice, one-half of the quoted fee is paid in advance per starting invoice; once your project is complete the balance is due per closing invoice.  We issue invoices through the PayPal platform, which contain links for easy online payment. If our agreed fee for your project is less than $650.00, the entire fee is required in advance. 

    What time frame can I expect for my project?

    We can get started as soon as we have you on our work schedule, so don’t delay in putting your project in the pipeline.  Because we are working on a good number of projects at any given time, and want to honor all client obligations, the sooner we have you established as a client, the quicker we can start.  While each project’s time frame depends on what’s involved, we can give you a reasonably reliable time estimate along with your project quote. 

    We rely on you to explain your time constraints, and will do our best to meet your schedule.  In most cases we can accommodate urgent circumstances, but sometimes duty to others requires that we decline projects with short fuses.  The key is to get started sooner rather than later.


    Our policy is always to maintain complete confidentiality, regardless of the subject, unless you specifically authorize us to further disseminate your material or our working dialog or the product.  Pretty simple.  We also don’t disclose who our clients are, unless you consent to it.

    I have a lot of my writing done already—can you just finish it?

    A big part of our service is editorial and organizational review, and sometimes we’re called in just to proofread.  So, yes, we’ll put finishing touches on your work.  However, because we are mission oriented (and our mission is to make your writing effective) we may readily opine on whether the work you’ve done needs more reworking or development.  Sometimes, editing and proofreading just doesn’t cut it.  On the other hand, we recognize that available time may just not permit much more.

    How do you learn what you need to write about my subject?

    First, we listen.  This occurs through your answers to our detailed questionnaire, some follow-up email, and a couple of telephone conversations.  With this and your working documents, we’ll have much of the material we need.  Beyond that we often do research on our own to gain additional familiarity with your subject and issues.  We learn enough to give your readers what they need to accomplish your objective.

    Do you guarantee results?

    We do guarantee project completion in a timely manner, and that the finished product will serve the intended object(s), be clear and concise, and better your chances of accomplishing your mission. Oh, and that it will give your business a polished and professional presentation.  However, because our style is likely different than yours, we cannot assure that the product will satisfy your style preferences. 

    Because too many other factors bear on your audience’s decision-making process, we can’t guarantee that the document will attain any particular outcome.  

    If I’m not happy with what you write for me, what then?

    Some rewriting, a little back and forth review, is typical to conclude the writing process. After seeing our initial draft, clients often think of points or issues they hadn’t considered, so we expect them to submit important comments. Also, the presentation enables clients to see how their audience will react.  Since governing the audience reaction is vital, we often find a bit of tweaking to be in order. Our fee proposals include reasonable revisions through two editing rounds after the first draft is submitted—at no extra charge, provided the revisions are within the project's agreed (and quoted) scope.   

    When are you available? 

    We are usually reachable between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. EST (US) Monday through Friday, and Saturday mornings.  We’re happy to make alternate communication arrangements, but ask that you request those arrangements in advance.

    Who owns the finished product, and are there any limits on what I can do with it?

    For most work, once you have paid our fee, the copyright is yours.  If you want to formalize your copyright, we can help with that too.  Some of our documents are drawn solely from our own document library, and we retain any copyright previously asserted.  In these cases, by paying our fees you are buying the right to make prescribed use of the document.  Of course, this issue can be discussed and negotiated.

    Are there any writing assignments you will not accept? 

    We’ll tell you when you request a quote.  As long as your project has a legitimate business purpose, and is not malicious, fraudulent, or just downright ridiculous, we usually issue a quote and accept the assignment.  There’s also a small possibility that your project request may pose an ethical or client conflict, in which case we will politely explain that circumstance.

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