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Want to get your point across very clearly and effectively, in writing, using the right words, identifying the right issues, and asking the right questions, but you're not sure what to say—and you don't want to get a lawyer involved (yet)? Many issues and differences can be quickly resolved with the right letter. PBW's legal letter writing service is a useful option for those who want to communicate directly, on their own, about an important or complicated issue, claim, position, or any subject in a formal and detailed way, but sensibly prefer to avoid complicating things by involving legal counsel.

We understand.

We write legal letters, official letters, and formal letters of all types with a single mission:
to empower you as an organized, persuasive advocate. Examples of the legal/formal letter types we produce include:

  • Letter of Demand / Civil Demand Letter / Demand Letter for Payment
  • Cease and desist letters
  • Complaint letters
  • Settlement letters
  • Application letters
  • Proposal letters
  • Letters of intent
  • Letters of objection / challenging or contesting a determination
  • Letters to employers / employees
  • Letters to government agencies/departments
  • Letters Responding to Others' Assertions

  • Letters to courts/judges
  • Letters to opposing lawyers
  • Letters to your lawyer (to better manage the relationship)
  • Letters to schools or universities
  • Letters to financial institutions
  • Letters of inquiry / requesting information
  • Letters proposing terms and conditions
  • Letters to businesses
  • Letters documenting an occurrence or event
  • Any letter in which you need to carefully address a legal, factual, or procedural issue or matter

Here's how it works:

With the right legal letter, official letter, or formal business letter we establish your credibility and authority, maximize strategic value and positioning, and deliver results through appropriate posturing and well-sourced supporting references. Legal letters and official letters can be strategic, tactical, compelling, pointed, thought-provoking, interesting, or authoritative—and can stand out. These not only get your point across impressively and attain the intended objective, they reflect well on you and wisely manage a circumstance—positioning you to avoid needing lawyers, or to be prepared for their involvement if it becomes necessary.

On the other hand, legal letters and formal letters can be poorly thought out, disorganized, boring and ineffective, leaving the message without the desired effect.  Which are yours?

Legal letters without the legal fees. What a concept!

We write all letters according to your specific instructions and based on your unique circumstances—all are custom crafted for your set of facts and written specifically from your perspective for release over your signature. While each letter is an accurate and well-organized communication tool that may address commonly understood legal principles, statutes, or regulations, we do not offer legal advice, and letters we write are not intended as a substitute for legal advice (which we urge clients to seek when circumstances warrant it).

To produce your letter we need to review any relevant source/background material you can provide, and have you answer some basic questions.

  1. What kind of letter do you need?
  2. What do you believe needs to be said—what is your position on the matter?
  3. What are the pertinent facts as you know them?
  4. What is the outcome or result you seek?

That's it! With your preliminary questions answered we're able to distill, discern and produce the letter you're looking for.

The letter is yours, you control what it says, and it will include what you want it to. We provide ideas/recommendations about content, structure, tone and approach drawn from our experience as writers, lawyers, and consultants, and will carefully work with you to ensure your letter speaks effectively for you and that you're comfortable with it.

If you don’t have time to craft effective formal letters, declarative statements, opinions, or official letters over your signature, we’re here to help, confidentially.  Start making the right impression, protecting your interests, and getting results. Request a free quote today for our formal letter writing service.

This Makes a Lot of Sense

A well-constructed, easily understood letter is often what's necessary to manage problems, diffuse and avoid conflict, or properly present issues. The right letter can simplify and clarify the matter, and help the parties understand what's at stake. It identifies the problems and issues, formally puts them on the table, reveals possible outcomes, and proposes alternatives and solutions.

A simple, direct approach is usually the best, but it requires knowledge of relevant facts, focused organization, and recognition of what isn't known. Carefully and concisely recounting facts and issues in a reasoned manner explains and justifies your position, persuades the reader, and protects you by establishing a record. It's also essential to know what not to say in a given communication and how to establish the right "tone" to serve the objective.

Why make things complex or amplify a situation's adversarial nature by prematurely putting a lawyer between you and the party you need to communicate with—before it's absolutely necessary? When real conflict arises requiring counsel, your well-written communication record is the roadmap lawyers need to understand and advocate your position.

Our legal letters pack the power and punch of any lawyer-written letter, but are legalese free and written specifically for release over your signature—enabling you to communicate directly with the other party(s) in a sophisticated lawyer-like way, and wisely and strategically manage the communication to attain a particular result or objective.

Written by legal writing experts (former lawyers), our no-nonsense, well-organized and researched, and to-the-point letters demonstrate clearly to your recipient that you know what you're talking about on substance and process. They ask the right questions, properly frame issues, strengthen your position, and invite recipients to respond appropriately.

Thoughtful legal letters enable you, on your own, to assert yourself competently and take a strong, direct, principled, evidence-based stand. When speaking for yourself, rather than through an agent encumbered by professional rules and standards (or their own interests), you can say what really needs to be said, and what is strategically effective, without worrying about it being watered down.

Sometimes taking a bold, undiluted stance is exactly what's necessary to get the other party's attention and bring them to the table. We'll give organized clarity to your situation, make what is complex or unclear simple and understood, and convince readers on the merits.

Do you take crafting formal letters and official letters seriously?

You should.  Well-written legal letters directly from you are opportunities to do many things well, including:

  • Request Action
  • Instruct and Educate
  • Describe, Memorialize, Confirm
  • Make an Impression
  • Open a Door, Establish a Connection
  • Deliver or Request Information

  • Identify, Clarify, Delineate a Point or Problem
  • Anticipate, Warn
  • Persuade, Demand, Assert a Position.
  • Create or Preserve a Record or an Evidence Trail
  • Strategically Position You, Your Company, or an Adversary
  • Respond to Claims Asserted by Others

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Legal Letters, Official Letters, Formal Letter Writing

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