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Crowdfunding, Kickstarter, Gofundme Projects

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Successful crowdfunding proposals and pages — make your point clearly and effectively, in writing, using the right words, identifying the right issues, and answering the right questions. Not quite sure how to tell your story or explain your project in an engaging, interesting, and compelling way? PBW's crowdfunding writing service is a useful option for those who want to their crowdfunding proposal to shine, but don't have the time or organizational focus to produce a great crowd funding appeal.

We write crowdfunding, gofundme, and Kickstarter campaign pitches and proposals of all types with a single mission:
to empower you as an organized, persuasive advocate of your project.

Writing the Crowdfunding Pitch Brings Your Project to Life

You have a project, or an idea, or a cause (perhaps a number of them). You need money to move it, get it done, and reach your goal. Maybe you don’t need much money, or maybe you need a lot.

The Crowdfunding Option — You’ve heard of crowd funding, and that people are raising funds for almost any project today.

With countless crowdfunding sites today (like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Crowdrise) and $10 billion raised to fund over 22,000 projects annually, crowdfunding has rapidly emerged as a highly viable mechanism for raising project financing for products, ideas, events, charities, and causes of all kinds and sizes. These online platforms empower you to activate/engage the global community about your project—and then the platform spreads the word.

Is this your answer? Odds are it’s a real option. All you need is a plan to develop a great crowdfunding proposal.

In crowdfunding’s community logic contributors (funders) aren’t looking for an investment—they look to help worthy causes they care about. To get money from a crowd, the crowd has to like your idea, project, or program. It has to move them—and win their hearts and minds. They contribute to make a difference and improve the world.

Everyday people want to help others; they want to be involved in supporting great ideas and causes. They contribute because they care, the project matters, and they're generous. They want to make a difference.

Unsure whether you can do this? Well, crowd funding outcomes aren't random (like playing the lottery)—succeeding takes a subject that resonates, and effort.

Here's how it works:

Writing Crowdfunding Proposals Takes Clear Expression and Great Organization.

If you’re feeling lucky, maybe you can just "wing it." Otherwise, your presentation has to be finely tuned, tweaked and tested. And exceptionally well written.

Your pitch (presentation narrative) also has to make you stand out. Many other projects are competing for funders’ attention, confidence and cash—so your pitch can’t be dull or uninteresting. It has to make a solid impact right out of the box. Your crowdfunding campaign page content is your one shot to make a successful debut, so it has to be the best you can offer. It either connects and resonates and moves them, or it doesn’t.

On the other hand, crowd funding campaigns can be poorly thought out, disorganized, boring and ineffective, leaving the message without the desired effect.  Which will yours be?

One thing is certain: to successfully go after crowdfunding opportunities with "gofundme," "Kickstarter," "Indiegogo," "RocketHub" and similar platforms you need a well-developed narrative pitch and a great campaign page explaining your program and project in sufficient detail to trigger the CTA. It’s your presentation and narrative that makes them care enough to contribute. You have to connect—through engaging, honest, compelling content.

To produce your crowdfunding campaign pitch/proposal we need to review any relevant source/background material you can provide, and have you answer some basic questions.

  1. What is your crowd funding project all about, and why will others want to help?
  2. What crowdfunding site have you selected—and have you done your homework to verify that it's the right platform for your crowd funding project? (Crowd funding platforms have different terms, or cater to specific crowds, or handle particular project types.)
  3. Have you researched what ideas, rewards, and promotional activities have worked for others with projects like yours?
  4. What is the most compelling aspect of your project? What makes it interesting? How does it improve the world?
  5. What do you believe needs to be said—what is your position on the matter?
  6. What are the pertinent facts as you know them?
  7. What is the outcome or result you seek?
  8. How much funding do you seek, and is it enough to successfully complete the project?

That's it! With your preliminary questions answered we're able to distill, discern and produce the crowdfunding copy you're looking for.

Creating a Great Campaign Page — An effective crowdfunding pitch requires deliberate preparation, organization and execution. Key elements of a crowdfunding pitch/presentation should be thought through carefully. A great presentation requires a well-developed and thoughtful narrative, one crafted appropriately for the subject, the audience, and the platform.

Your crowd funding campaign idea or project may be great, but it has to resonate.

The crowd must first see that the project matters. Your project’s points, purpose, meaning must come across very effectively. The whole pitch should be a compelling, well-orchestrated call-to-action.

If you don’t have time to craft effective crowdfunding copy, content, or analysis over your signature, we’re here to help, confidentially.  Make the right impression in your crowd funding campaign, protect your interests, and get results. Request a free quote today for our crowd funding writing service.

You Can Do This — We’ll Help Bring it to Life!

We’ll transform your project and program into a crowdfunding appeal that works. We can write your crowdfunding project's various proposal elements, including:

  1. Pitch / Overview
  2. Narrative description
  3. Project history
  4. Video script
  5. Reward descriptions
  6. Press releases
  7. Other campaign elements

We can also help you develop your project’s title, engaging "rewards" or "incentives," and draft your FAQ section.

Crowdfunding campaigns are a fickle enterprise, and there is no guarantee of success. Fortunately, we offer the proposal-writing expertise that can give you a boost over the top and get you funded!

Do you take crafting your crowdfunding campaign proposal seriously?

You should.  A well-written, thoughtful, and well-organized crowd funding appeal directly from you is an opportunity to attain your vision.

Our crowdfunding presentation copy packs the power and punch you need to stir your audience to action, and wisely and strategically manages the communication to attain your intended result or objective.

Written by crowdfunding proposal writing experts our well-organized and engaging crowdfunding copy demonstrates clearly to contributors and supporters that you know what you’re talking about and your project has merit and substance. They ask the right questions, properly frame issues, strengthen your position, and invite recipients to respond appropriately.

Sometimes taking a bold, undiluted stance is exactly what’s necessary to get contributors’ attention and bring them to the table. We’ll give organized clarity to your proposal, make what is complex or unclear simple and understood, and convince readers on the merits.

Articles on Crowdfunding Pitch Development:

Today people are offering insightful ideas about solid ways to develop crowdfunding proposals/campaigns, and how to best accomplish crowdfunding presentation objectives. Here are some instructive articles on writing for crowdfunding:

Developing Your Crowdfunding Proposal—Business Writers' Blog.
When writing your crowd funding proposal or application copy the key is organizing and writing a great narrative, with a compelling presentation.

19 Psychological Tactics for Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns—ConversionXL, Nick Kolenda.
Crowd funding proposals must be effectively structured to maximize contributions, and this article explains the psychology that motivates contributions and offers up 19 powerful "right-on-the-money" writing techniques that will influence more people to support your project.

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