Strategic Business Communications

Executives are called on to lead their organization forward effectively, which requires solid, high-impact communication to many audiences, in varied formats.

Business culture has grown accustomed to mediocre written communication because speed is now imperative.  Technology fosters "quick" communication, but has a diminishing effect on communication quality and impact.  We’re bombarded with so much written communication; much of it is lost or overlooked.  The quality and value of our business communication has declined as its volume has increased.

But successful executives must ensure that their important communication succeeds in accomplishing the mission. At this level, the room for error is slim. Getting the message and the effect right is essential. Probizwriters assists executives in delivering their message in exactly the right way.

We write strategic and business communications of all types with a single mission: to get your point across effectively.

Whether it's sent to hundreds of recipients or just one, the importance of an executive's formal communications cannot be understated.  If you don’t have time to craft effective business directives, summaries, declarative statements, opinions, or letters over your signature, we’re here to help, confidentially.  Start making the right impression. Request a free quote today for our expert writing service.

Our executive communications establish credibility and authority, maximize strategic value and positioning, and deliver results through appropriate posturing and well-sourced supporting references.  Executive communications can be strategic, tactical, compelling, pointed, thought-provoking, interesting, or authoritative – and can stand out.  These not only get your point across impressively and attain the intended objective, they reflect well on you and wisely manage a circumstance.

On the other hand, executive communications can be poorly thought out, disorganized, boring and ineffective, leaving the message without the desired effect.  Which are yours?

Do you take crafting executive communications seriously?

You should.  Well-written executive communications are opportunities to do many things well, including:

  • Lead, guide, direct your team

  • Request action

  • Instruct and educate

  • Describe, memorialize, confirm

  • Make an impression

  • Open a door, establish a connection

  • Deliver or request information

  • Identify, clarify, delineate a point or problem

  • Anticipate, warn

  • Persuade, demand, assert a position.

  • Create or preserve a record or an evidence trail

  • Strategically position you, your company, or an adversary

As the author and signer, the executive’s own style and personality are on display; and reputations are on the line.  Your signature is your testament to the communication's accuracy and authority.  You are inviting people to rely on you, the author, in every statement you make.  You also invite readers to hold you accountable.  What you say in strategic and executive communications is a powerful reflection of you, the business person.

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