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Freelance Editing Services — Critical to Persuasion ... Critical to Quality Business Writing

Skilled editing can dramatically improve any document’s presentation.  Compelling arguments and brilliant ideas aren’t worth much if they’re not getting through to your readers, obscured by poor structure or illogical flow.  If readers strain to understand what you’re saying, they’re gone!  Our editing service allows you to maximize your impact. To ensure your subject and point are clear to your audience, we remove extra words and repeated ideas, sometimes choose more appropriate words or phrases, reorganize material to bridge breaks in logical flow, and add visual features like lists and headings.  Probizwriters’ document editing service reveals the logic and essence of your point, sentiment, position, or argument.

Our Editing Services:

In most cases our editing includes a thorough single pass of the document that includes the following:

Comprehensive document review of sentence structure, grammar, and word choice.

Content suggestions (both additions and deletions) — so every sentence serves your document’s point.

Organizational analysis focused on verifying that document elements work cohesively.

Presentation and style review to ensure content is "audience appropriate," professional, and genre consistent.

Verbosity and clutter review to eliminate duplication and unneeded words.

Review to ensure plain English serves the audience.

Editing techniques that help achieve this goal include:

Your needs and circumstances will dictate the appropriate editing level called for. Some editing is quick, cursory and easy, but in many cases editing is far more involved and substantive. The editing time and effort required depends on the editing level. Check out the three main editing types to see which is right for you:

Book editing services and copy editing services —  Freelance editing services offered by Probizwriters include more than checking grammar, syntax, and usage. We are specialists in plain English and have edited all kinds of business documents from simple letters to 500-page legal practice manuals, regularly transforming the muddled into the polished. Organization and clarity govern our editorial efforts, but we're also meticulous about punctuation, style and word choice as tools for reaching audiences effectively.  We deliver clear, focused, and relevant copy to our clients.  Our freelance editing is structured to provide you with great copy, delivered to meet your objectives on time.

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